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The Australian Teachers' Alliance (ATA) is an association affiliated with the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society.


ATA is dedicated to developing teaching standards and facilitating communication between Scottish Country Dance teachers across Australia.

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What is ATA?  

ATA was formed in 1990 as the Australian Teachers' Association.

 ATA was formed with the following objects:  

            (a) To promote the aims of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society;

            (b) to foster excellence in the teaching of Scottish Country Dance;

            (c) to assist in the ongoing professional development of teachers by undertaking to preserve and
                 disseminate materials supportive to the above objectives; and

            (d) to stimulate co-operation amongst all teachers and dancers.


ATA is governed by an Executive of seven members.

The Executive of ATA is taken from members in one Australian Society Branch on a 3 year rotation basis.  

The current Executive is from the Melbourne Branch.


ATA produces a regular newsletter ("ATACHAT") for its members, which is available to other interested people on subscription. For information contact the Secretary.


Membership of ATA is open to any current RSCDS member who holds the Teacher's Certificate or who has passed the Preliminary test or Part 1.


Associate membership is open to any current member of the RSCDS who is teaching classes without the above qualifications.

Associate members are entitled to participate in all ATA events and attend ATA meetings.


Click here for the Membership form



 ATA organises teacher workshops, teacher training and workshops to develop tutoring skills.

 ATA has developed a "Children's Syllabus".

 For information on all these items, contact the Secretary.


Other information     

    * ATACHAT Newsletters

    * ATA Constitution

    * ATA Membership 2015/16   (password protected


Draft Constitution Dec 2016





Australian Teachers' Alliance (ATA) Contact Details


Heather Byers

21 Chauvel Street
Bentleigh East 3165

email: theherb@optusnet.com.au


Heather Ross

PO Box 2229
Sunbury 3429

email: ross_heatherm@yahoo.com.au


George Cooper

28 Moona St
Burwood 3151

email: gmcooper1@bigpond.com

Committee Members

Josephine Reed


Margaret Johnstone

242 Olinda-Monbulk Road
Monbulk 3793

email: familyreed@bigpond.com

14 Forest Drive
Clyde North 3978

email: msrjohnstone@gmail.com.au





Patsy Marks

37 Nirvana Ave
Malvern 3145

email: ianmarks@ozemail.com.au