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Due to the spread of COVID-19 all Branch classes are suspended from

Thursday, 17/03/19.





Dancing is one of the best forms of gaining the 3Fs in your life. 

Scottish Country Dancing (SCD) or Ceilidh dancing, as it is

sometimes known, combines all three in addition to improving

memory.  Much of the music is traditional, as are many of the

dances.  Like most forms of country dancing, it is performed

in teams, the routines combining forwards and sideways

movements with side-skipping, turning and hopping elements –

all of which assist in combating the deterioration of the

nervous system (memory loss).  This form of dancing encourages

upright posture keeping muscles strong and responsive and

needs no special equipment.  All it needs is a willingness to learn,

laugh at yourself, and smile at your fellow dancers.

Advantages are that it is an inexpensive way of improving fitness,

needs no regular partner, is fun and has no age limits.

Of course, like any form of exercise, it takes discipline to work

as a team.  This is part of the challenge:  moving to music (listening), coordinating movements and combining

sequences (memory) and work together in the performance of a dance.  



Learn Scottish Country Dancing in Brisbane in 2020























The RSCDS Qld Branch Inc is organsing a Scottish Country Dance course for beginners in 2020.

Starting  on    Monday, 2nd of March 2020, from 5.30pm-6.30pm,

running for      8 weeks (to 27th of April. no class on Easter Monday).


The cost or the 8 week block will be $60.00 payable at the first class.


New classes will resume on 11th May, building on the skills acquired

in the beginners’ course. The cost for these classes will be $8.00

per night.

Please, contact the organisers for further details 

on queensland@rscds.org.au


There are many Scottish Country Dancing Clubs in Brisbane which could offer to teach beginners. Please, check the class lists here and contact the clubs directly .




From 2 March 2020

Qld Branch Beginners Class

Communify Hall, Love St, Spring Hill





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