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Joining in


Where to dance


There are many clubs in Queensland who conduct weekly classes and would welcome new members. For details of classes and contacts, please, check the class information page on the Qld home page.

Social dance nights will be held througout the year at different locations, sometimes with life music to dance to. To get a feel for the joy and enthusiasm of Scottish Country Dancers all over the world check out the video clips posted on youtube.


What to wear  

For classes, something cool. Remember it can be pretty warm in Queensland, even in winter. Usually shorts for men and a blouse and skirt, or dress, for women to allow plenty of movement. Both sexes should wear soft dancing shoes.

For Socials, men are encouraged to wear the kilt.


How much does it cost?

Some clubs charge a small annual membership fee, and all clubs charge around $5 - $8 per class, sometimes including supper. However you look at it, it's a very cheap way of enjoying a really healthy form of recreation and making new friends!

You can also join the RSCDS Queensland Branch Inc which gives you automatically membership of the RSCDS parent Society in Scotland and entitles you to extra benefits.


Beginners classes in 2019


A set of classes to introduce beginners to Scottish County Dancing will start on 4th March 2019 at the Communify hall at Love St, Spring Hill (crn Water St). Times are Mondays, 5.30pm to 6.30pm; all ages from 10 years are wellcome. This course runs for 6 weeks and the total charge will be $50 for these classes. Please, contact queensland@rscds.org.au for more information. Click here for beginners class flyer


Other Queensland clubs will run seperate beginners classes during the year; please, check gfr dates and times here <Beginners Classes>.


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