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Queensland Branch

Contact Details 

Branch Secretary       

Bryan Hacker

The Secretary,

RSCDS Queensland Branch,

PO Box 58, Kenmore Qld, 4069

E-mail: queensland@rscds.org.au


Editor: The Scottish Ramble



Helen Draper         E-mail: helendraper@bigpond.com

Fran Beauseart      E-mail: beausaer@tpg.com.au

Website Updates

Connie Witt

E-mail: cwitt@iprimus.com.au


New Members and Renewal 

Subscriptions to:

Connie Witt

E-mail: qldmembers@rscds.org.au  or

PO Box 58, Kenmore Qld 4069

Other RSCDS Contacts in Australasia on the web-site: http://www.rscds.org.au 

Our Committee

The Branch holds its Annual General Meeting in May each year, and the currently elected committee is as follows:



Heather Heron        07-3266 9131


Judith Hawlett         07 - 3208 1722


Bryan Hacker          queensland@rscds.org.au


Connie Witt             cwitt@iprimus.com.au

Membership Secretary

Connie  Witt            qldmembers@rscds.org.au          

Events Co-ordinator

Trevor Baque          tlbaque@bigpond.net.au      

"Ramble" Editorial committee

Helen Draper           helendraper@bigpond.com  

Fran Beausaert        beausaer@tpg.com.au

Member Representative

Cathy McLeod         pczb@bigpond.net.au

Member Representative

Fran Beausaert        beausaer@tpg.com.au

Member Representative

Lyn Freshwater        lyn.freshwater@bigpond.com.au



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